Fela Durotoye is the Chief Executive Officer of Visible Impact; a social enterprise set up to tackle social and environmental challenges and limitations with the aim to build people into super-achievers and responsible leaders, build corporate organizations into global market leaders and responsible corporate citizens, as well as assist governments in developing blueprints and programs that create a desirable environment for their people to do great things.

He is widely regarded as a nation builder, corporate strategist and unarguably, Nigeria’s most sought after prolific business strategist and corporate activator. For more on felaDUROTOYE visit feladurotoye.org



Radical, Revolutionary, Innovative, Anointed, and Cutting Edge
are some of the words often used to describe Pastor Nyambi. He is in the business of inspiring thousands of believers to reach out and explore their God's given potentials by developing and deploying their gift sets.

His philosophy is simply "building people and restoring values"

He has an unprecedented inspiring mantle that distinguishes him as a remarkable visionary who has made a powerful impact. He is a Life Coach, an IT-centric Inspirational Speaker as many call him. Nyambi has over a decade experience in the Information Technology sector. He designed and managed the first online educational result checker portal in Africa, a project he implemented for JAMB and NECO in 2001. Nyambi has over 15 years wealth of experience in business, having served as a consultant to some of Nigeria’s strong brands like Maltina, Amstel Malta, JAMB, NECO, etc. He understands what it means to develop a winning global brand. For more on nyambiAKPET visit nyambiakpet.com